Unfinished Cabinet Doors

Unfinished cabinet doors give you a lot of flexibility and freedom when it comes to redoing your cabinets.

Unfinished Cabinet Doors

Want new kitchen cabinets but don't want to pay the price? Why not look into unfinished cabinet doors and finish the job yourself?

A Project

Some people enjoy the process of finishing furniture. And it can be rewarding to know you had a part in the final product. After all, with unfinished cabinet doors, you get to choose exactly the shade you want them to be. Perhaps you want to match your kitchen table, but you just couldn't find pre-made cabinets that were the right shade. Or maybe you want the cabinet doors to be a slightly different shade from the cabinets themselves for a unique look. In any of these cases, unfinished cabinet doors are the way to go.

If you decide that unfinished cabinet doors are right for you, you'll order them, then they will be shipped to you. They'll be sanded, but you might need to lightly sand them again before applying stain.

When you're choosing a stain color for your unfinished cabinet doors, remember to consider the type of wood the doors are made of. This will have a big impact on the color of the wood once the stain is applied. It may not look like the color on the can. It can be lighter or darker than expected, which can be disappointing at best and require a lot of additional hard work at worst. To avoid this situation, talk to a professional at a paint store about how you want your unfinished cabinet doors to look when they are finished. They will more than likely ask you what kind of wood the cabinet doors are made of, but if not, be sure to tell them.

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